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Watches for Travelling

20 May 2016

Watches for Travelling

Let’s face it; backpacking across the globe is a far cry from glamping. You may not know when your next shower will be, you may not know the native tongue or be able to read the road signs, but with a little help from the House of Watches team, you'll be able to hold your head high and experience the world without any hiccups with the perfect watches for travelling.

We've sourced some great watches with unbelievable functionality that could act as a lifesaver for those of you who find yourself in a pickle while backpacking. Each collection has been outlined below along with a couple of our top picks; we've also put together a backpacking collection to give you a little guidance on what to get.


Radio-controlled watches are great for travellers who plan on hopping time zones. Each timepiece in our Radio-Controlled watch collection is automatically synchronised by a radio transmitter connected to an automatic clock. This function makes sure your watch is accurate regardless of the time zone. A brilliant addition to any suitcase or backpack for someone who knows they are going to be switching time zones and countries regularly.

Men's Seiko Watches for Travelling

Solar Powered

Solar-powered watches are great alternatives to battery-powered watches that require specialist services to replace them. The constant source of energy solar-powered watches receive from the sun will keep them going all day and all night and if you’re particularly interested in the environmental impact batteries have, these are the perfect option. Another perfect choice if you’re planning on exploring places that see a lot more sunshine than us here.

Men's Pulsar Watches for Travelling

Compass watches

Compass watches can be lifesavers for those of you who tend to wander off the beaten track and there are two types that we have available, analogue, and digital. Digital compasses use electronic sensors to measure magnetic fields, whereas analogue models use a compass bezel to use in conjunction with the sun to find direction.

Men's Casio G-Shock Watches for Travelling

Backlight watches

Backlight watches are great for backpackers who are planning on camping on their trip. We’re all used to our phones lighting up when we’re at home, but when charging points are scarce we turn to backlight watches to show us the hours till sun up.

Men's Casio Watches for Travelling

Hopefully, with these collections, you’ll be able to find the right watch to help you on your adventure.

Don’t forget to #HoWSummer to show us your summer watches and make sure you revisit our Timekeepers Blog for more holiday looks to get you through the coming months.

To shop our latest collection of watches perfect for travelling this summer then look no further than House of Watches. We’ve got everything you need to help you with your travels and find a watch that’ll withstand even the longest of journeys.

If you like this article and want to hear more about the different watches we have to offer, let us know below. We love hearing your feedback and want to write articles that you want to read.

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