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TAG Heuer: Cara Delevingne

13 August 2015

TAG Heuer: Cara Delevingne

She’s the face of today’s youth culture. She’s winning the race for authenticity. And most of all, she doesn’t give a damn about any of it. She is none other than, Cara Delevingne.

Constantly challenging the rules, Cara is the embodiment of TAG Heuer - a brand which knows no boundaries in the field of horology and innovative design. Being free-minded is her motto, and while doing so she pushes gender binaries and grasps the everyday voyeurs attention, creating a visual stimulation fit for today’s zeitgeist.

This week, Delevingne celebrated her 23rd birthday in Toronto, Canada, where the star is shooting her new film ‘Suicide Squad’. So, here to celebrate Cara’s birthday, we’ve put together the official collection of TAG Heuer watches inspired by Cara.

Each piece within this collection has a refined urban feel, with rubber blacks, tank chain bracelets finished off with the occasional bullet diamond; this truly is a modern day glamour for the women who #dontcrackunderpressure

Follow the links to find out more or visit our TAG Heuer Collection today.

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