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Swatch X Dragon Ball Z

5 December 2022

Swatch X Dragon Ball Z

Taking the world by storm, Dragon Ball Z is a long-running sequel to the Japanese anime Dragon Ball. Following the adventures of Goku and his companions they defend the earth from villains. Growing increasingly in popularity with the youth of today, Dragon Ball Z merchandise is sure to be on every teen’s list this Christmas. Here at House of Watches, we are lucky enough to have stock of the limited edition Swatch X Dragon Ball Z watches which are now out of stock on Swatch!

The Swatch Dragon Ball Z collection includes 8 different watches:

Swatch X Shenron

Shenron is a magical dragon that can grant a wish when all seven Dragon Balls are in the same place. Once the wish has been granted, the balls scatter across the world again and appear as rocks for a year and the process repeats itself. The watch features a green dragon-print strap to showcase Shenron, while the dial features a dragon claw and all seven Dragon Balls.

Swatch Dragon Ball Z Shenron

Swatch X Goku

Goku is the main character of the franchise, an extraterrestrial sent to earth as an infant, Goku is the greatest defender of earth and as a warrior, he keeps the earth safe from destruction. The Swatch X Goku watch features a bright orange strap to match Goku’s clothing with a white dial printed with the first kanji character for ‘Goku’ in black.

Goku Dragon Ball Z Swatch

Swatch X Vegeta

The prince of the fallen Saiyan race, Vegeta fights alongside Goku to help protect the earth, as well as to surpass Goku in power. Starting as the main antagonist but then as an anti-heroic tritagonist throughout the rest of the Dragon Ball Z series, where he later evolves into a hero. Vegeta’s watch features a white dial with a clack Goku silhouette with red coloured glass and a blue silicone strap with a ‘Great Ape’ print on the back.

Swatch Vegeta Dragon Ball Z Watch

Swatch X Kamesennin

Known as a legendary master in martial arts who trained Mutaito and the founder of Turtle School, he was the instructor of earth’s greatest heroes. He is also known as one of the most powerful humans in the entire series and is a master of ki. This bold watch captures the spirit of Kamesennin, featuring an orange silicone strap with a multicoloured print, with a white dial featuring a print of the master himself.

Kamesennin Dragon Ball Z Swatch

Swatch X Majin Buu

Majin Buu stands for “Demon Person Boo”, taking many forms, all of which have different personalities and goals. This swatch watch catches Majin Buu as ‘Kid Buu’ in his pure form, playful and spontaneous, the main antagonist for the Kid Buu Saga. The timepiece features a pink and white strap, with the dial featuring the evil symbol known as Majin Mark.

Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu Swatch

Swatch X Cell

Seen as the ‘perfect warrior’ Cell is the creation of Dr. Gero using the genetics of the greatest fighters. Cell’s watch features a black bezel with a multicoloured print, a white dial with green numbers, and a green silicone strap on the back, it features an incarnation of Cell with a longer tail.

Swatch Dragon Ball Z Cell Watch

Swatch X Frieza

A leader of his own army and emperor of Universe 7, Frieza is fearer throughout the Dragon Ball Z universe and is one of the main antagonists. Featuring a solid violet case, this timepiece has a white silicone strap with a white and purple dial that mimics Frieza’s characteristics.

Dragon Ball Z Frieza Swatch

Swatch X Gohan

The son of Goku, Gohan lacks a passion for fighting like his father and prefers to only do it when his family or friends are in danger. He does however continue to fight alongside the Dragon Team for most of his life. This timepiece is all about realising inner strength and depicts Gohan’s powerful Kamehameha with references to kid Gohan on the back of the watch.

Gohan Drogan Ball Z Swatch

Shop the Swatch X Dragon Ball Z collection available here at House of Watches!

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