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Styles of Men's Watches

16 August 2016

Styles of Men's Watches

Here at House of Watches, we have all the things you need to stay on-trend with the latest men’s watch styles. Whether you’re looking to stay on a budget or want to spend some money and invest in a quality timepiece, we have all the perfect watches you could choose from right here!

Budget watches

Before the invention of the quartz (battery-operated) mechanism in the 1970s, watches were once thought to be a luxury item that only a privileged few could afford. However, with rapid advances in modern technology watches are becoming more accessible to the masses. Materials such as ceramic and fabric are now being used to lower the cost, but that doesn’t mean that the quality or style of the timepiece is in any way compensated.

Men's Sekonda Styles of WatchesMen's Timex Chronograph Watch Styles

Some of our top brands offer stylish and affordable watches that perform to an incredibly high standard, brands such as Daniel Wellington, Timex, and Sekonda. So if you want to follow the latest trends and receive a great quality watch, House of Watches is the place to visit.

Minimalist watches

In a world where we are bombarded with adverts, changing fashions, and apps for everything imaginable, it can become quite tiresome. Recently, we’ve seen a trend emerge that’s calling for everyone to take a step back from technology for a significant amount of time in order to recharge our batteries. With this trend in motion, a minimalist approach to design has come to the forefront of most designers’ minds; a stripped-back watch that is suddenly the height of fashion, with blank faces, baton hour markers, thin metal cases, and simple straps.

Swatch Watch Black Minimalist StyleSkagen Minimalist Men's Watch Styles

If this is the trend for you, take a look at Skagen and Swatch for minimalist design inspiration to achieve the perfect look.

Luxury watches

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of investing in a luxury watch through the use of compelling marketing from prestigious brands. A watch is now personified, an investment in the future to be passed down through generations; as consumers, we love the thought of immortality and prestigious timepieces offer it to us.

Men's Longines Luxury Watch StylesBell and Ross Luxury Watch Styles

Whether you’re after a stunning timepiece from Raymond Weil, Rado, or Longines, we have the best choice of luxury watches right here. We have a stunning collection of luxury watches here at House of Watches.


In an age consumed by technology, smartwatches have now entered the market and are becoming more mainstream than we ever could have imagined with brands like Michael Kors and Diesel creating their own. Smartwatches have many great features for modernists, such as Fitbit technology, Bluetooth, and touch screens.

Citizen Smartwatch Men's Watch StylesDiesel Men's Smartwatch Different Styles of Watches

There are plenty of different smartwatches to choose from here at House of Watches, whatever you need to help you every day we’ve got it!

To shop the latest trends and get the best watches for the man in your life then head online to House of Watches. We have everything you need to stay up to date with the latest men’s fashion trends. We've got the perfect styles of men's watches here at House of Watches.

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