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Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub Limited Edition

27 January 2023

Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub Limited Edition

Here at House of Watches, we love limited edition watches, which is why we have the amazing Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub watch in our collection. Seiko was established in 1881 in Tokyo and has been Japan’s leading watch manufacturer ever since. Seiko is the only watch manufacturer that uses every watch-making technology, including mechanical, quartz, solar, GPS solar, Spring Drive, and their own movement of Kinetic.

The Seiko Sports collection has a great variety of styles that are designed to stand the stress and pressure of any sport. For over 50 years Seiko has provided high levels of sports watches from the Seiko 5 Sports Heritage, 5 Sports ‘Field’ Design to the Seiko 5 Sports ‘Stealth’ watch, Seiko has a large choice of sports watches to suit her needs.

Seiko Honda Super Cub Dial

With a selection of limited-edition Seiko timepieces available to purchase here at House of Watches, it’s never been easier to have something a little rarer with the stunning style and technology created by Seiko. Usually limited to a number globally, limited-edition watches are a great addition to those who love to have timepieces that are a little harder to come by.

The Super Cub is one of the world’s most-produced motorcycles in history. First introduced in 1958 by Honda, this bike is loved by many worldwide. In 2017 Honda exceeded the production of 100 million units. The design of the watch is similar to that of the original motorcycle, with their latest edition of the watch featuring black and grey features with a hint of red.

Honda Super Cub in black - Limited Edition watch

This stunning watch has a beautifully eye-catching retro design, the dial imitates the design of the front of the bike. The 12 o’clock marker is shaped similarly to that of the front headlight, with the 1 and 11 o’clock markers imitating the indicators. The dial also features the Super Cub logo as it would feature on the motorcycle. A fuel gauge-styled icon is displayed on the crown and the bezel shows a 30km/h speed limit sign.

With the watch featuring a NATO strap consisting of the bike’s colours and both the Super Cup and Honda logos, this watch has the perfect elements of comfort and style. Made from nylon, the strap is made in two separate parts. With a shorter piece of nylon attached to the buckle and then another strap at the end which is the main part, it passes through and loops behind the watch creating a pocket that will limit the distance the case will move.

Seiko Limited Edition Honda 5 Sport Super Cub watch

The case back features the Honda Super Cub emblem and includes “LIMITED EDITION” and the serial number 0001/5000. Each limited edition timepiece comes with its own special box that also features motorcycle colours and is embellished on the inside with both the Honda and Super Cup logos. This stunning limited-edition piece is the perfect addition to any watch collection.

Discover the Seiko 5 Sports Super Cub Limited Edition timepiece here at House of Watches and find your perfect piece of retro history combined with the luxury Seiko is known for. Shop online to view our fantastic selection of Seiko watches available here at House of Watches.

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