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Matt Small + G-Shock revolutionise

4 September 2014

Matt Small + G-Shock revolutionise

G-Shock announces their collaboration with artist Matt Small for their fifth instalment of the 'G-Shock East Art Sessions' in collaboration with 'Urban Nerds Collective'. London based artist Matt Small is giving a voice to the marginalised youth of today. He believes that everyone should have the right to be heard and be able to contribute to the value of society. Matt expresses this notion in a combination of oil and water based that repel one another to create an impressionistic style of portrait art. He tells us that the idea of creating portraits is to provide stature to the subject and relevance, thereby echoing his own philosophy.

There’s this energy and dynamism that comes from how the paint moves and to me, that’s become appropriate to what I’m trying to say about the young people that I paint’- Matt Small

Matt chooses to bring the physical elements of the city that surround him directly into his work, using scrap metals as his chosen canvas. The use of something that has no value in society then re-appropriating it to give a new context is a phenomenal way of thinking and reflects his subjects’ stories in an original way. G-Shocks collaboration with Matt will showcase a large mobile phone with a half clear and half pixalated image of Matt’s artwork. This display has been used to encourage a real life interaction with art, rather than a two dimensional interpretation viewed online. Matt Small and G-Shock are the perfect duo, their non-conforming attitudes to the restricted social and society boundaries speak louder than words. This unison of talent and craft begs you to speak out and show your true colours. The exhibition launches tonight, from 7pm at the G-SHOCK East Store, Truman Brewery.   By James Tissiman
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