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Fitness Tracking Watches

8 January 2016

Fitness Tracking Watches

Are you planning on hitting the gym this month?

Yes, it’s that time of year when we all hit the gyms in a bid to get our bodies back in shape after the copious amounts of booze, chocolate, and turkey. This is not a time of regret; this is a time for new beginnings. You’re so ready to hit the gym that you could practically burst! We have the best fitness tracking watches here at House of Watches.

So to help you keep up the pace and get you motivated, we’ve come up with our top 5 watches to get you gym-ready. Each model is the perfect gym buddy and has built-in functions to benefit your workout. So take a look and check out more in our sports watch collection.

Casio Men's Sports Gear Dual Display Black Plastic Strap Watch SGW-500H-2BVER

Looking for something that is going to fulfill all your watch needs? Then look no further than this Men's Casio Sports Gear Dual Display Black Plastic Strap Watch SGW-500H-2BVER. Featuring a digital and analogue display, with plenty of additional functions to keep you equipt all day long.

Casio Men's Dual Display Fitness Watches

Asics Unisex Heart Rate Monitor Watch CQAH0103

Keep an eye on your heart rate with the Asics Heart Rate Monitor CQAH0103. The unusual design of this watch provides comfort for the wearer, as well as easy-to-locate buttons for those of you looking for precision when timing your workouts.

Asics Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Watches

Casio Men's G-Shock Watch GA-100-1A4ER

Timing is a key factor in any workout, whether you’re looking to burn calories or see how long you can push those weights, precision is a must, which is why you need a watch benefiting from a chronograph that measures to 1/1,000th of a second. If you’re serious about training you’ll need to own the Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A4ER.

Casio G Shock Fitness Watches

Fossil Men's Gen 5E Smoke Smartwatch FTW4049

For modern gym-goers, we have the Fossil Men's Gen 5E Smoke Smartwatch FTW4049, featuring watches with smart technology. These watches can record your workouts, measure your movements, and can even detect incoming calls and texts once synced to your iOS OR Android Smartphone. It’s the ultimate watch for anyone who’s constantly on the go.

Men's Fossil Smartwatch Fitness Watches

Festina Men's Chrono Bike Watch

If you can’t stand the gym and prefer the speed on the open road, the Festina Chrono Bike collection is just what you need to let your sporting spirit fly. Featuring expert chronographs, luminescent indicators for night rides, and tough cases built to last.

Men's Festina Watch Fitness Watches

Garmin Instinct Lakeside Blue Rubber Strap Smartwatch 010-02064-04

For the tech-obsessed gym and fitness lovers, there is nothing better than having a smartwatch to assist in your workouts. This Garmin Instinct Smartwatch comes with a GPS, heart rate monitor, and water resistance of up to 100 metres. This brilliant gadget can take your training to the next level with preloaded activities to record your workouts with ease.

Garmin Smartwatch Fitness Watches

So get yourself ready for the New Year with our Sports Watch Collection, featuring gym buddies that will help you keep up the pace. To shop our latest fitness tracking watches, head online to House of Watches now!

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