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A Colourful Swatch Watch

10 October 2016

A Colourful Swatch Watch

Just because the nights are drawing in and winter is slowly looming, it really doesn’t mean we have to start dulling down our wardrobe; if anything it’s the perfect excuse to inject some colour, and there’s no better brand to do the job than Swatch. There is a stunning collection of colourful Swatch watches here at House of Watches for men and women, whether you’re after something bold and bright or just something with a pop of colour; there is everything you need to reach your colour dreams with Swatch

Multicoloured Swatch Watch Colourful SwatchBright Pink Colourful Swatch Watch

Swatch watches are continually pushing the boundaries and concocting some of the most innovative designs ever to grace the watch market and we love it! If you follow the brand closely you’ll know that they are famous for collaborating with artists, designers and wild personalities to come up with their next design.

From collaborations with brands like Omega and Vivienne Westwood or celebrities like Tony Hawk or artists like Damien Hirst, Swatch has plenty of collaborations under its belt.

Neon Coloured Swatch WatchBright Green Colourful Watch From Swatch

Do you know what the ‘S’ stands for in Swatch? Swiss, yes all Swatch watches are Swiss made and yet, they are so affordable proving that you can own Swiss timepieces on a budget. Swiss watches are renowned for being one of the best due to the mechanism being created to such a high standard. Swiss-made watches are known to last an entire lifetime, making them the perfect option when choosing the perfect timepiece for you and your loved ones.

Swatch Watch Pink ColourfulRainbow Swatch Colourful

Swatch watches are the perfect option if you’re after something that stands out from the crowd but doesn’t cost you a fortune. There’s nothing better than having a colourful Swatch on your wrist, they are bold, bright, unique and just brilliant watches with a globally celebrated mechanism.

From designs for men and women, as well as unisex options, there really is a colourful Swatch for absolutely everyone. There has never been a more perfect brand to gift, with a varying selection in style, colours and designs. Swatch has the ideal timepiece for everyone in the family.

Pink Kids Flik Flak Watch From SwatchFlik Flak by Swatch Colourful Watches for Kids

Don’t panic, we haven’t forgotten about your little ones and their love for all things bright and beautiful! Swatch also have their children’s brand FlikFlak which has plenty of perfect brightly coloured options for kids that’ll have them setting the trend amongst their friends and help them with telling the time too.

Colourful Yellow and Pink Swatch WatchPeace and Love Swatch Rainbow Colours

Throughout this article, we've shown you a few of our favourite and most unique Swatch watches that we currently have to offer online at House of Watches. But don’t let your search stop here, there’s a Swatch for everyone, whether you love minimalist, wacky, classic or showy, we have the perfect Swatch for you.

Shop our brilliant collection of colourful Swatch watches online at House of Watches. We have the perfect timepiece for you, your friends and your family. Shop now at House of Watches and receive free delivery on orders over £50 and finance options available on larger and more expensive orders.

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