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Collecting Watches: Starting on a budget

21 November 2016

Collecting Watches: Starting on a budget

Ok, so you love watches and want to have a million of them for every occasion and with every function imaginable; but unfortunately, you don’t have the cash. Is there a quick fix to this? Well, yes. Collecting watches on a budget is possibly the best way to start. You can make affordable purchases to find out what you like before you start to really invest in the watches that cost big bucks. But where should you start?

Collecting Watches


Let me walk you through the different functions and styles of watches that you can get started with while shopping on a fixed budget and with the watches we have available.

Swiss made

The crème de la crème of watches are usually made in Switzerland, this is because the country has been involved with watchmaking from the get-go and earned respect for making fine watches since the 16th century, thereby setting a standard for quality. Since then the brands that reside in the country, such as Rolex, Oris, and Raymond Weil, have been pushing watch innovation further.

But did you know that you can get a Swiss-made watch for under £50? Swatch watches are owned by Omega and manufacture their watches in Switzerland, thereby granting them the official title of Swiss Made. In our collection, we have Swatch watches that vary from £32 to £150, just take a look and find one that suits your style.


Swatch Collecting Watches




Many watches have chronographs, but did you know that very few people actually know what they are and how to use them?

A chronograph is a function that allows you to record time in an accurate fashion. This is achieved by pressing an additional button on the watch which causes the second hand, or an additional one in a sub-dial, to make a continual sweep across the dial until pressure is applied again to stop it and once more to return it to its original position. Basically, chronographs are exactly like a stopwatch but on an analogue dial rather than a digital one.

As I said, many watches already come with a chronograph function, but there are some that are exceptional - particularly ones that are COSC Certified, but we’ll tell you more about that some other time when we discuss luxury watches. However, below £100 is what we’re looking for, and for that, I suggest you take a look at Sekonda and Rotary. Both brands have solid foundations in the watch industry and are, most importantly, reliable and precise. For your first chronograph, you really can’t go wrong with one of these.


Rotary Collecting Watches


Dress watch


These watches are designed to look good at any formal occasion, whether you’re at a formal party or out to dinner with friends, dress watches can be the focal point or merely blend in with whatever your attire might be.


Sekonda Collecting Watches


Vintage piece


Ok, so we may not be talking about one of our pre-owned Rolex watches here, but it’s important to show you know your stuff and can appreciate a vintage aesthetic. For this, we turn to Henry London. The collection has a distinct mid-sixties aesthetic with a modern twist. We have designs that feature moon phases (another one for the collection), and chronographs and each one possesses a quartz mechanism - in fact, they won quartz watch of the year back in 2015.


Henry London CWatches


If you want to know more about how to create a watch collection on a budget, keep your eyes peeled for our latest articles at House of Watches, you'll be collecting watches in no time!

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