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Buying a Luxury Watch

20 November 2015

Buying a Luxury Watch

Are you looking for a luxury timepiece for your loved one this Christmas? Our collection of luxury watches is the ultimate investment and one that will last a lifetime. Here is some information you need to consider when buying a luxury watch.


Whether you purchase a limited edition watch, a classic design, or a new model, what you are receiving is a snippet of history from a brand that has been crafting watches for decades, sometimes centuries. A great example is to imagine what whisky is to Scotland or fine leather is to Italy, Switzerland has been the birthplace of prestigious brands for centuries, many of which started out in either Geneva or the Jura region. By owning a prestigious watch, you also possess the skill, artistry, and craftsmanship that has been centuries in the making.

Men's Rado Luxury WatchLadies Rado Buying a Luxury Watch


Luxury watches come in a variety of opulent materials including gold, platinum, titanium, and zirconium. However, stainless steel is a popular material to use due to its remarkable properties including lightweight and high resistance to corrosion. We’ve also seen another material make an appearance on the luxury watch circuit, ceramic. High-tech ceramic has been also applauded for its scratch resistance and lightweight ability, and because it's manmade, ceramic is available in many different colours to suit the changing fashions.

Men's Black Bremont Luxury WatchLadies Luxury White Bremont Watch


Functionality is key with any prestigious timepiece. It is important to think about the lifestyle you lead because this will influence what function your timepiece will need to perform. For instance, if you are a keen diver a high level of water resistance is key, as is exceptional legibility, a rotating bezel, and a suitable watch band that is unlikely to corrode while in the water. If motorsports are more your thing, a watch with precision is key, such as the TAG Heuer Formula 1 collection. All these factors are important when it comes to buying a luxury watch.

Men's Chronograph Longines Luxury WatchLadies Diamond Bezel Longines Luxury Watch


The movement of a watch (aka calibre) is the mechanism inside the watch, also referred to as the engine that drives the watch. Choosing a watch movement is like choosing the engine of a car; you can have a quartz movement that uses an oscillator, regulated by a piece of quartz, and operated by a battery. An automatic, these watches work via the movement of the wearer’s wrist to wind the mainspring inside and power the watch. Also, brands such as Omega create in-house movements that are thoroughly tested out before they are used in any of their watches.

Men's Montblanc Buying a Luxury WatchLadies Montblanc Luxury Watch


A luxury watch is an investment in the future. When you purchase a prestigious watch, you are receiving a watch that will stand the test of time and will only improve with age by gaining character. Whether you wear it every day or only on special occasions, prestige lasts a lifetime.

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