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Bremont Watches: A Guide for Watch Enthusiasts

Beginner's Guide to Bremont Watches - House Of Watches
15 March 2024

Bremont Watches: A Guide for Watch Enthusiasts

For watch enthusiasts seeking a timepiece that embodies heritage, innovation, and a touch of adventure, Bremont watches deserve a closer look. 

Founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont draws inspiration from their pilot father and a passion for aviation. The resulting watches are not just elegant companions, but meticulously crafted Bremont Watches built to withstand demanding environments.

A Legacy of British Engineering

Bremont's story began with a vision to create exceptional pilot's watches, combining classic design with cutting-edge technology. Today, they remain a leader in British watchmaking, renowned for their:

  • COSC-certified chronometer movements: Ensuring superior accuracy and reliability.
  • Robust cases: Often crafted from high-grade stainless steel or even aviation-grade metals, making them resistant to scratches, shocks, and water pressure.
  • Innovative features: Inspired by aviation and maritime exploration, some models boast internal bezels for divers, chronographs for pilots, or even limited-edition designs celebrating specific aircraft or maritime vessels.

Bremont Watch Collections: A Closer Look

Bremont caters to a diverse range of adventurers. The iconic Alt1 series offers pilot-inspired functionality, while the Supermarine collection boasts impressive water resistance for aquatic pursuits. From the rigorously tested Bremont Martin-Baker models to the officially recognised Bremont Armed Forces watches, each collection boasts unique features and pays homage to a specific realm of exploration.

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Bremont Armed Forces Collection:

Key Features: Meticulously designed to honour military service, Bremont Armed Forces watches boast regimental emblems, COSC-certified chronometer movements, and robust cases built for reliability in demanding environments.

Price Range: £3,000 - £4,000

Technical Features: Super-LumiNova® luminescence, water resistance up to 100 metres, and precision-engineered chronometer movements.

Bremont Martin Baker Collection:

Key Features: Born from a collaboration with Martin-Baker, a pioneer in ejection seat technology, these watches feature exceptional shock resistance, chronometer-certified movements, and sapphire crystal for scratch protection.

Price Range: £4,000 - £6,000

Technical Features: Rigorous testing to ensure durability, precision, and functionality in extreme conditions.

Bremont Supermarine Collection:

Key Features: Designed for water adventures, Bremont Supermarine watches offer water resistance up to 1000 metres, luminescent hands for low-light visibility, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Price Range: £3,000 - £7,000

Technical Features: COSC-certified chronometer movements, durable construction, and innovative design elements inspired by maritime exploration.

Bremont ALT1 Collection:

Key Features: Inspired by historic aircraft, Bremont ALT1 watches embody classic pilot's watch design with modern functionality, including bold numerals, luminescent hands, and Trip-Tick cases for shock resistance.

Price Range: £4,000 - £6,000

Technical Features: Precision-engineered chronometer movements, 100-meter water resistance, and rugged construction suitable for cockpit conditions.

Gentle Note: As prices may vary, head over to our Bremont Watches collection to discover the current price of your dream timepiece!

Beyond the Basics: Owning a Piece of Legacy

Bremont ownership extends beyond aesthetics and functionality. It's about connecting with a brand dedicated to pushing boundaries and a rich heritage of British watchmaking. With a 3-year warranty and the option of limited-edition collections, Bremont watches are not just timepieces, but potential heirlooms.

Ready to Discover Your Perfect Bremont Watch?

House of Watches is proud to be an authorised retailer of Bremont watches. Visit our extensive online collection or explore our stores to experience the exceptional craftsmanship and innovative spirit of Bremont for yourself. 

Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the various collections and help you find the perfect timepiece to complement your style.