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88 Rue du Rhone Watches Have Arrived

9 June 2016

88 Rue du Rhone Watches Have Arrived

88 Rue du Rhone is a Swiss-made watch brand launched by Pierre and Elie Bernheim, grandsons of the noble Swiss watchmaker, Raymond Weil. By combing their watchmaking know-how, and sheer expertise in the exquisite craftsmanship, and entrepreneurial skillset, they have successfully combined Swiss excellence with contemporary design. And, by making the 88 Rue du Rhone watches accessible in terms of price point, they have successfully entered the modern market, for men and women who admire the quality of a watch.

Diagnosing 88 Rue du Rhone Watches

The name ‘Rue du Rhone’ derives from the river that passes through the heart of Geneva and is also the name of the street that runs parallel to the river. It is also on this street where the most prestigious brands of the world stand neatly stacked, but you’ll be surprised to know that number 88 Rue du Rhone does not exist on this street. It is at this one location in the row of shopping destinations where you will see a break in the buildings. The only thing that stands between the street and the river is thin air, and the buildings on either side provide an urban framework for onlookers to see the majestic flowing river. Fraught with meaning, the figure of 8 has many connotations, for instance, in Asian cultures, figure 8 is considered a lucky number filled with ambition and power. And, when doubled, soothsayers see it as a four-leaf clover - another lucky symbol. But when it is positioned horizontally it becomes the mathematical symbol for infinity, where curves flow into one another forever. For all of these reasons and more, this symbol can be seen heavily featured throughout the 88 Rue du Rhone watch collection.

88 Rue du Rhone Double 8 Origin watch collection

Within this watch collection there are two separate lines to be discovered. The first is the 88 Rue du Rhone Double 8 Origin watch collection. Launched in 2012 this line comprises 150 timepieces for men and women, with sizes ranging from 29mm to 45mm.

The Rive watch collection

The second is the 88 Rue du Rhone Rive watch collection, the latest line of watches featuring bold designs and refined hands. 88 Rue du Rhone watches88 Rue du Rhone watches Luxury and quality are always in the detail, which is why on every 88 Rue du Rhone watch you will notice the refined number 8 engraved throughout the entire collection. House of Watches looks forward to bringing you all of the latest news about 88 Rue du Rhone watches, including new additions and possibly limited editions.
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