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Gifts for Groomsmen

30 June 2016
Calling all grooms! Have you got gifts for your groomsmen yet? Let’s face it; your groomsmen have earned it. Aside from using up one of their holidays off work to attend your big day, they’ve had to go for suit fittings, thrown you a bachelor party to end all parties, and found you a wedding gift. So for all of their duties, we think it’s time to get them something to say, cheers! Usually, ...

Gifts for bridesmaids

26 June 2016
A blushing bride wouldn’t be complete without her entourage of bridesmaids. They are there to be close at hand just in case a problem arises or if a train needs lifting and positioning for a photo-op. And lest we forget the hen party! From bridezilla to a bride, they’ve been there from the beginning, which is why it is usually a custom to give them a small gift to either wear on the day or to ...