What do you get up to at the beach?


From sun loungers to strong swimmers; find the right watch with the correct water resistance to suit your beach holiday.

When purchasing a watch it’s always a good start to look at your lifestyle or, in this case, what kind of beach goer are you? Do you love to swim or do you simply enjoy looking at the water while partying on the shore? By answering these questions you can now look at the kind of water resistance you'll need in a watch. Take a look below at some of the different beach goers we've come up with and the kind of watches we think will suit them from our Beach watch collection.


If you have no intention in going anywhere near the water and your only aim is to hit up some rays on the shore or head to the nearest pool party, you will be able to search for watches with a water resistance of 30 meters/3 ATM. These watches can handle a light splash, but are not suitable for swimming.



The Paddler

For those of you planning on having a light swim but nothing too strenuous, you’ll be looking for a watch with a water resistance of anything above 50 meters/5 ATM.


The Active Swimmer 

If you are planning on exploring the bay and looking to dive a little deeper, a watch with anything above 100 metres/ 10ATM will be more than suitable. They have a great water resistance and will still look good while you're lying on the shore.


However, for deep sea divers you’ll want to invest in a watch that can serve as a lifesaver when you’re in the depths of the ocean, you’ll be looking for anything above 300 metres/ 30 ATM. These will usually come at a higher price point and can be found in our Divers watch collection.

So remember, whether you’re raving at a full moon party or simply chillin’ with a mojito in the Med, make sure you take a look at the water resistance of your next watch and match it to your holiday. Don't forget to come back next week when we'll be giving you some tips on how to take some distinct British style to the cities of the world.

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