Watches for the Happy Couple

Do you know a happy couple who are about to walk down the aisle? Perhaps you are the happy couple and you’re in search of a gift for your loved one? Then make sure the House of Watches is your first port of call. We have a magnificent collection of watches for the soon to be happily wed couple to wear on their wedding day or to gift as a precious token of your affection. And, with so many brands and designs to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the one for them.


Just in, we have our latest collection of 88 Rue du Rhone watches, featuring luxurious bracelet and leather strap designs. These watches are made for modern couples. In our collection, you’ll find classically designed timepieces that have been given a contemporary twist and bold designs that are made to stand-out from the crowd.

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If you’re on the hunt for two masculine watches for a dapper pair of grooms, we suggest you start your search in our Paul Smith watch collection. There are several designs that are mirrored in design but opposite in colour - just like yin and yang they go together perfectly. You’ll find this with many of the Paul Smith watches and we’re sure that they’ll make the perfect gift.

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Henry London’s affordable price point makes them the perfect wedding gift option. The collection as a whole is designed to a vintage 60s aesthetic with domed lenses and Milanese bracelets. The sizes do vary in the collection from small to large, but the design is mimicked enabling each partner to have the size to suit their wrist.


Luxury watches are an investment in the future, so what else could be a better gift to give on a wedding day? Our prestigious collection of watches truly is a special gift to receive. From our fully refurbished pre-owned Rolex watches to our newly released Oris, Raymond Weil and Gucci watches, each one is built to stand the test of time.

These days, there are many couples who politely ask for money rather than gifts on their wedding day – but money doesn’t last forever, you can’t wear money, but you can wear a watch and record those precious moments in time.