Vivienne Westwood has arrived

The godmother of punk has arrived at the House of Watches. Famed for her nonconforming attitude, Vivienne Westwood goes against the grain of what society expects. Her image is legendary, her influence is colossal and her attitude is hard to ignore.

Vivienne Westwood never intended to become a designer, 'I simply enjoyed making clothes' she said. However, her skill would soon lend itself to a new age: enter Malcolm McLaren. Viv’s boyfriend at the time was in the midst of grooming a band, one that needed an image to go with their music, a look that was nonconforming, something to create anarchy in, after all they were The Sex Pistols.

Since the 70s, it was Viv’s intention to start shaking up the fashion industry from within, she began making collection after collection, subverting fashion and reinventing classics. Even today, she still causes a stir and her punk attitude has now lent itself to politics with her current campaign against fracking.

We recognise prestigious watches, luxury timepieces and fashionable must-haves, but Vivienne Westwood watches are something entirely different, they are iconic, her distinct designs capture the brand's true essence and her style. Each watch has a unique twist or inject of surprising colour, making each one more than a watch, but a piece of art.

Below, we have chosen a few of our favourites for you ladies and gents, the rest eagerly await your selection.


Vivienne Westwood Men's Finsbury World Watch, Vivienne Westwood Mens Camden Lock Watch, Vivienne Westwood Ladies Kensington II Watch

Article by James Tissiman