Top 5 Watch Instagrams You Should Be Following

Calling all horophiles, this week the House of Watches is doing a rundown of the top 5 Instagram profiles you should be following. These Instagramers are ticking mad about watches (pardon the pun) and offer some great tips on how to style them.

First up is @watchanish, offering a luxurious take on watches and leaving us green with envy. If you like your watches with a side of champers, on the wheel of a Porsche or against a Manhattan skyline, this is the Instagram for you.


Yes, this may be a personal plug, but, we have some great images on our Instagram showcasing new releases, current trends and events. And the best thing is, you can buy every watch we showcase via our website. Also, if you want to be featured on our @houseof_watches Instagram, simply send us a pic of you wearing your favourite watch and we’ll upload it. It's a great way to give the world some serious style envy and you’ll receive £5 off your next purchase, bonus!


@thehorophile is a great blog for all self-confessed horophiles. You’ll find some of the most interesting images of both perplexing timepieces with intricate designs, to minimal creations for modern enthusiasts.


For all you dames who love a mean ticking machine @watchesforladies is the one to follow. They have a great way of accessorising their watches with extremely opulent jewellery in an original way.


If you have a love for watches and a penchant for single malt whiskies, @bexsonn is the Instagrammer to watch out for. @bexsonn delivers both indulgences for those who are new, or simply topping up their glasses with a variety of current, retro and on occasion overlooked timepieces. Each image has a real Mad Men sense of style and well deserves a double tap.




Don't forget, if you want your watch on our Instagram, send your photos and receive £5 off your next order.



James Tissiman