Timex Ironman Move X20

Trusted by the world’s most demanding athletes, we present the Timex Ironman Move X20, the ultimate trainer for those individuals constantly on the go.

As humans we are made to move, from the moment we heave ourselves out of bed in the morning to the time we crawl into bed in the evening, we’re constantly on the move. But how much do you move? How would you like to measure how much your everyday movements accumulate to? With the Timex Ironman Mover X20, you now can.

By using smart technology the Timex Ironman Move X20 records your workouts, measures your movements all day and helps you stay on top of your texts and incoming calls through the use of Bluetooth synced with your iOS or Android Smartphone; it’s the ultimate companion for that race we call ‘life’.

The Timex Ironman Move X20 is also capable of holding up to 30 days of daily data, 30 workout files, and 10 days of sleep data, this watch also has a rechargeable Li-ton battery that benefits from up to 7 days battery life!

So show your Ironman side today and grab yourself a watch that demands attention and more from you.

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