The RAF’s Chinook inspired watch from G-Shock


On September 17th at the RAF Museum in Hendon, G-Shock unleashed the new GPW-1000RAF GPS Aviator watch in collaboration with the RAF.

Renowned for their consistent innovation and expert digital craftsmanship, G-Shock have yet again raised the bar for global watch makers.

Inspiration for the ultimate aviation watch came from the Chinook - a support helicopter used for resupply, trooping, and battlefield casualty evacuation. These aircrafts travel all over the world and battle the elements in foreign terrains. Like the Chinook these watches can also withstand the diverse climates met in the desert, arctic and jungle.

These watches feature a new Hybrid GPS/Radio Wave Ceptor allowing the device to pick-up time signals from GPS Satellites or atomic transmitters, which provide total accuracy wherever you are in the world.

Developed in conjunction with RAF pilots the GPW-1000RAF GPS Aviator watch also includes, a Zulu time function allowing access to UTC time. This was created in conjunction with the RAF pilots and reflects what they use. Other features include; scratch resistance sapphire glass, anti-reflection coating, LED-illuminated high visibility luminescent coated numerals and carbon hands that can withstand up to 12Gs while in rotation.

The G-shock GPW-1000RAF GPS will be launched in the UK on November 1st and will retail at £850. There will be limited supply of 500 pieces, so be sure to grab one on-the-double!

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By James Tissiman