The Graduate

Graduation day is looming; time for all students to be released from the university cage and set free in ‘the real world’. It can be a hard time for all graduates; it’s a time when they say goodbye to fellow classmates, breathe a sigh of relief after all the exams and come to realise that this really is the beginning of a new chapter in their life. A chapter that is certain to start with an interview or an empty desk waiting to be filled.

We - of course - think that the perfect gift for their new adventure is a watch. But, not just any watch, we think a new graduate should have a watch that sets them apart from the competition and one that gives them as a professional air of confidence.

Now, we know that every graduate is different and depending on their profession, they’re going to need a watch that fits in with their new lifestyle. Below, we have provided you with some great ideas to suit a few of the various roles your graduate could be going into.

For a graduate heading into the creative arts industry, we suggest you give them a watch with a distinct edge that shows their diverse style. This can only be achieved with a T W Steel watch for the guys and an ultra fashionable Michael Kors watch for the girls.


Perhaps they heading into one of the legal sectors? If so, prestige is the only way forward. We suggest one of our luxury watches will be just the ticket. Tag Heuer watches are the perfect for the gents who want a contemporary timepiece with a classic feel, whereas an Omega watch will add elegance and sublime class to any feminine legal eagle.


If your graduate is heading into the realms of science, we think one of our solar powered watches will be perfect. Each one is eco-friendly and unrelentingly precise, allowing the wearer to remain on time when it really matters.

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These timepieces are of course just a starting point; why not take a look at our Graduation Collection of watches for further inspiration on what to get your scholar.