Swatch-ified pet pals

‘My Pet and Me’ is a well trained sensation hatched by Swatch, this collection of adorable watches featuring lovable felines (Cattitude Swatch), dapper pooches (Andy Baby Swatch), tweetable chicks (Choupinou Swatch) and a menage of linear animals (Tiergarten Swatch) is a fun way to show your individual style and sheer cattitude.

The Andy Baby’ Swatch' is a favourite of ours, featuring a French bulldog sporting a dapper dickie bow. This watch begs you to resist those puppy dog eyes, and just imagine the ‘Awww’ sound that will be heard when someone spots your barking mad Swatch. As far as style goes, Andy Baby has buckets! Can you handle the competition?

Like most of the Swatch watches in our collection, these watches have been designed using an advanced silicone strap. This technology, along with the ribbed inner design, creates a more comfortable feel on the wrist.

The sheer innovation that goes into the design of each Swatch watch is incredible. Swatch has done numerous collaborations with top artists, designers and musicians, to create watches that are made for a modern audience that appreciates art and the spirit of the times.

I invite you to explore our collection of ‘My Pet and Me’ Swatch watches. With such a wide variety of Swatch’s, in so many colours and designs, you’re sure to find the perfect Swiss made companion right here.

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By James Tissiman