Sliding Doors

Swatch has recently teamed up with Alexander Gorlizki for their new Swatch art collaboration, showcasing a limited edition ‘Sliding Doors’ Swatch watch.

Alexander Gorlizki was born in England, but spent a good part of his youth travelling around Asia. It was during this time when he met Riyaz Uddin – a master miniature painter. Eventually this friendship would turn into a lifelong partnership, with work that reflects Uddin’s traditional style and Gorlizi’s abstract, causing a subverted fusion of talent unleashed on to every canvas.

Inspiration for the new Swatch (SUOZ185S) came from the Jali – an ornamental screen carving made from wood, marble or stone, originating in India. The result is an intricate puzzle of patterns, colours and shapes that interlock to create a mesmerizing design.

Gorlizki also believes his surroundings inspire him greatly. After choosing to settle in New York, his bike rides around the city unveil layered architecture, with mesh overlapping skyscraper windows, and opposing rooftops sliding into place, all of which are highly reflected in his artwork.

Swatch is constantly cultivating new ideas on how to merge modern culture with watch making. Previous collaborations have incorporated fashion, film, art and current trends that are exploding on the mass market. This is beyond doubt a brand to watch for new innovation and expressive designs that capture the zeitgeist of today’s society.

If you have been inspired to view more art work from Alexander Gorlizki then you can do so here. You can also view our eclectic range of Swatch watches, to see how they differ from any other watchmakers currently on the market.


By James Tissiman