The Shades of Spring

This season the industry is urging you to discover the lighter side of colour by experimenting with casual neutrals for the men and soft hues for the ladies. But why change your whole wardrobe, when you can reflect the current trends for a fraction of the price with a watch?

Watches serve as great conduits for colour. Whether you’re trying to subtly add another shade to your outfit or looking for something that really stands out - watches and accessories are the secret to success.

Below, we’ve added a selection of watches that will really do the job and add the season’s most in-demand colour palette into your attire. Simply click the images to find out more about each watch.

Skagen Men's Strap Watch Skagen Men's Strap Watch

If you love simplicity and soft, non offensive shades, Skagen is the perfect place to start. For Skagen, form follows function with a true Bauhaus aesthetic that appeals to the masses.

DKNY Ladies Soho Watch DKNY Ladies Soho Watch

In general, the colour palette this year is rather gender neutral. Each colour can be easily added to both sexes wardrobes without looking too feminine or too masculine - it's simply how you choose to wear them.

Henry London Richmond Watch Henry London Richmond Watch

All black and all white outfits work as great canvases to add a burst of colour. Try adding a rose gold watch against an all black outfit – the result will look thought-out and the watch will really make an impact.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ladies Baker Strap WATCH Marc by Marc Jacobs Ladies Baker Strap Watch

To make sure all of the focus is on the colour and the design of the watch, choose a top with a shorter sleeve this spring to help emphasis the wrist, or roll up a baggy sleeve for a casual look.

ChloBo Silver Luna Soul Five Bracelet Set ChloBo Silver Luna Soul Five Bracelet Set

Another great way to add colour is by adding other accessories to complete your look. For example, these stacking bracelets from The Jewel Hut’s ChloBo collection is a great way to incorporate similar hues and help the colour palette really shine through.

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