Raymond Weil Frank Sinatra

Raymond Weil have proudly teamed up with the Sinatra family to commemorate the hundred year anniversary of the birth of Frank Sinatra, the swinging sensation whose voice has become recognisable the world over, creating iconic songs that have shaped decades and influenced numerous artists.

“It is a great honor to have partnered with the Frank Sinatra Enterprises to create a design that celebrates this special occasion. Frank Sinatra was a charismatic character who left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of many generations; he embodied an era, a style, and a tradition and was, above all, a passionate man of extraordinary talent. As a music-loving family company, it is perfectly fitting that we pay tribute to this undisputed maestro of music with a limited edition piece in our maestro collection,” says Elie Bernheim, CEO, RAYMOND WEIL.

“Frank Sinatra understood the vital importance of time and when preparing his music he employed what he had named ‘the heartbeat tempo.’ For that reason, he insisted that his wristwatch would have the utmost mechanical integrity and construction to guarantee many years of faithful and accurate service,” says Frank Sinatra, Junior. “Master of horology, RAYMOND WEIL has steadfastly maintained this degree of excellence and in the centennial celebration of the birth of Frank Sinatra, I am proud to see my father’s name associated with this magnificent timepiece.”

Yet again, Raymond Weil has successfully merged two of the finest crafts in the world, horology and music, to create masterpieces.

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