Orange is the new black

Every autumn we are welcomed into the season with the vibrant display of the changing of the leaves, so why don’t we reflect this in our wardrobes? Every year we unpack the jumpers, gilets and parker paraphernalia, all of which are usually a poly-blend of brown, black and navy, which ultimately leaves us guys all looking the same. Well no more will we blend into the masses for a new colour has been ushered in for the coming season.

Amber, apricot, pumpkin, ginger, even lava, there is so many shades and names for this colour but, all you need to know is that orange is our new black. It’s extremely versatile which makes it easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe without having to go out and buy more clothes, which for some of us makes our lives much easier.

When incorporating it into your everyday outfits start off subtly and in dark shades, especially if you’re not used to wearing a lot of colour. Then after a while, once you’ve found your feet, you can break into block colours, this is where you wear a colour with 1 or 2 others to create a block box effect. Before you know it you’ll be rocking orange from head to toe.

Thomas Sabo have crafted a fantastic watch with a simple stripe that gives a knowing nod to the trend and still remains true to the brands signature slogan, ‘rebel at heart’. Also Festina have embraced the trend, offering a different shade of orange with just a twist of black across the dial.

Furthermore, if you think this trend is just a passing fancy for the autumn then you would be wrong. Yes orange is set to stay! Designers have made orange the accent colour for most outfits on the catwalks taking place now for spring/summer 15.

Here at House of Watches we have provided you with a range of brands that are showcasing the colour in their current collections, all at different price points to suit the lavish gents out there, or you guys who just want to test the water and not embrace the trend just yet.

Finding our range you can be easily done by using our watch finder tool, or simply using the search bar on the top right of the page and searching for orange.

Don’t be dull and drab, be daring and dashing!


By James Tissiman