New In: Daniel Wellington Watches

House of Watches are proud to unveil our new collection of Daniel Wellington watches.

A keen traveller, the founder of Daniel wellington watches, Filip Tysander, built the foundations of the design and concept on a chance meeting half way around the globe with a man who exuded genteel, unpretentious and impeccable style. He was a man of the world with many exciting anecdotes about his travels and more importantly, the watch he wore was the perfect representation of him. The name of this man was, of course, Daniel Wellington.

After a while the two men became friends and the designer became enamoured by the man’s great life stories and timeless style. He wanted this to be the driving force behind a brand new kind of watch design, one that paired a distinctly British, preppy sense of style with a stripped down Swedish minimalist approach, brought in by Tysanders background.

Today, Daniel Wellington is a global brand with loyal followers who admire the original design aesthetic and preppy style. The collection features watches with interchangeable straps allowing you the benefit of changing the style of your watch to suit the occasion. With expert quartz movements and materials of refined quality, we urge you to discover our collection of Daniel Wellington watches today, and find the one that speaks to your personal style.

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