Michael Kors: Watch Hunger Stop

Michael Kors has teamed up with the United World Food Program (WFP), to produce a limited edition watch to help fight global hunger.

To most of us is seems hard to process that there are people in the world that go to bed hungry every night. In fact 1 in 8 children are without the one thing that we take for granted so often, food. Shielded by our modern lifestyles of shopping, social media and socialising, we forget about the 870 million people who can only dream about our luxuries. Hunger being the number 1 health risk in the modern world and also the main reason behind 1/3 of all deaths in children under 5... It’s time to act.

The genius that is Michael Kors, has teamed up with Halle Berry to help spread the word and get us to delve deeper into our pockets in aid of WFP. By creating a watch that is inspired by his own best selling range of runway watches, Michael Kors crafted a watch design that is so exclusive and is only available for a limited time only.

The exquisitely designed collection of 4 watches come in two different sizes and colours, both entirely genderless and crafted using high-quality materials. The dial is etched with a map of the world and the words, ‘100 series’ placed just off centre. Every watch has a stopwatch function, date window and is water resistant up-to 10 ATM.

For each watch purchased through the website, WFP delivers 100 meals to children in need throughout the world. Michael Kors therefore inscribed on the reverse side “WATCH HUNGER STOP," "1 WATCH = 100 MEALS” with his own signature placed in the centre. This inscription serves as a reminder to the wearer of the great impact they have had on 100 lives, just through the purchase of a watch.

Being a limited edition watch they are only available for a short period of time. On the other hand if you are unfortunate enough to not be able to attain one, then you can always make a much needed donation through the Michael Kors website.

If you are interested in seeing more from Michal Kors, the House of Watches has a wide range of designs available to suit any budget, including the ever popular runway watch design in various colours for men and women, as well as blue dial designs similar to the ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ watch.


By James Tissiman