Love Locks

From the Pont des, Arts Bridge over the river Seine in Paris, to the fences on Mount Huang in China, love locks are spread all over the world. Lovers in their masses come to these places, most often bridges, to seal their love for each other and then throw away the key into the river or valleys below.

However, this act of devotion has taken its toil, especially on the bridges in Venice where there has been a growing movement against the locks with the ‘Unlock Your Love’ Campaign, founded by writer Alberto Toso Fei. This has amounted to thousands of information cards send out and ribbons tied to the offending locks, demanding that they are removed.

This Valentine’s Day, world renowned Swiss watchmaker Swatch, is here to save the day by causing no offence and keeping the love alive through their new Valentine’s campaign titled, ‘Unlock My Heart’. These delightful watches feature your very own portable heart shaped padlock in fuchsia pink, and the key to your heart records the minutes.

What’s great about this Swatch is the reverse has been influenced by the front design, with love locks locked on the front, and unlocked on the inside, a truly beautiful touch especially for those looking to buy a gift for a loved one this year.

On the other hand, if your sweetheart is less inclined to wear a heart-shaped timepiece, then we have many other options for those special guys and girls who prefer something little more in their shade.

At the House of Watches, we provide a wide spectrum of Swatch watches for you to choose from. We are also expecting many new lines from Swatch including the ‘Grand Tourismo’ and ‘My Pet and Me’ collection, as well as Swatch watches that are right on-trend for this season. Explore our collection today and find the perfect Swatch watch for yourself or your Valentines this year.


By James Tissiman