How to achieve gentleman status

How do you achieve gentleman status? Is it all a matter of income, stately homes and vintage cars? Of course not, it’s something much simpler than that. A true gentleman knows how to hold himself, what to say and when to say it, he moves with the times effortlessly, without losing his classic poise.

Current shows at the London Collections: Men have reflected this bygone era of style, when men wore suits and cared about subtle details such as ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, tie pins etc.  It’s these final additions to a man’s attire that makes him a gentleman.

Like every trend, there are followers and setters. Some men will adapt this trend without truly understanding what it’s all about, they’ll wear the suit but miss out the details, the ‘trendsetters’ on the other hand, add their own personality and creative eye into their outfits.

For you to adopt this look and begin lounging in real stately attire, then you are in need of the only watch that will ever cut the mustard; a pocket watch. These watches immediately transport the wearer into a bygone era, when time seemed to move slower and there was no need for the urgency that comes with a wrist watch. These watches allow the wearer to leisurely go through life in style and luxury.

The pocket watches that we supply from Sekonda are the ideal time addition to your attire. They reflect the design of the originals while remaining current with top quality quartz movements that are reliable and precise – unlike many others that operate using mechanical movements that require daily winding. These watches are the perfect medium between the past and the present, allowing you to retain your gentleman style with a contemporary tick.

Explore the house of watches collection today and bag yourself the perfect pocket watch that will refine your look and leave the trend followers behind.


By James Tissiman