Gifts for the bridesmaids

A blushing bride wouldn’t be complete without her entourage of bridesmaids. There to be close at hand just in case a problem arises or a train needs lifting and positioning for a photo-op. And lest we forget the hen party! From bridezilla to bride they’ve been there from the beginning, which is why it is usually a custom to give them a small gift to either wear on the day or to remind them of their devoted duties, and what better way to show them your appreciation for their ‘time’ than with a watch?

Depending on how many bridesmaids you have, we understand that it can be costly finding the right gifts, which is why we have affordable, yet stylish options for you to choose from in our outlet and from many of our more affordable brands, all of which we know they will love.

Sekonda watches
Sekonda is famed for following the current colour and design trends in all of their recent watch collections. From blushing rose gold bracelet watches to soft leather strap watches in vibrant hues, we have them all.

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Timex watches
For simple, classically elegant watches for on the wedding day, take a look at these Timex beauties. Available in silver and gold, they have a beautifully understated style that is sure to go with any outfit.

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Radley watches
If you’re looking for something more casual as a gift for after the wedding, we have a great line of Radley watches featuring that marvellous little Scotty dog.

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For the maid of honour, you may wish to spend a little more for all of her extra duties she will have performed, therefore, we suggest you take a look at our DKNY watches for a fashionable design that will effortlessly match any outfit.

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