Getting to know Paul Smith

Founded in Nottingham during the 1970s, Paul Smith has established itself as a pre-eminent British brand. The man himself is continuously reinventing his brand by venturing into other areas creating a lifestyle for his consumers, including womenswear, interiors, accessories, and most importantly, watches – that’s where we come in.

House of Watches is proud to announce the latest arrival of Paul Smith watches to our expanding collection of designer watches. It seems apparent that recently we’ve had quite a penchant for the British brands, from the newly released Henry London watches to the colossal Vivienne Westwood brand. Now, as Paul Smith joins our list of designers, it seems that the Brits are closing in on the Swiss!

But enough about the British invasion, we at the House of Watches want to get you further acquainted with the different styles within the Paul Smith watch collection, starting with the Paul Smith Ma collection. This line of watches is been influenced by the Japanese word ‘Ma’ or in English, ‘negative space’. Ma isn’t a line or substance; it is a void, an empty space if you will, and this is reflected by the completely minimalistic and simple watch designs in this collection.


Paul Smith Mens Ma Watch Paul Smith Mens Ma Watch


Paul Smith Precision watches come for Paul’s obsession with vintage speedometers, thereby lending to the motor racing and sporty aesthetic given to each Precision watch. Even the colours used in the on the watches dials and subdials reflect this theme, featuring petrol blues, purples, and greens.

Paul Smith Men's Precision Watch Paul Smith Men's Precision Watch


However, if you simply can't choose between them both, then we suggest you take a look at the Paul Smith Gauge watch collection. These watches have both a minimal and sporty feel, with a roadrunner red as the accent colour.

Paul Smith Mens Guage Watch Paul Smith Mens Guage Watch


If you like the new Paul Smith watch collection and want to hear more about the brand, make sure you let us know in the comment section below or email us at