Festival Watches

Are you heading to a festival this year? Then you’ll need our festival essentials to take with you while you’re rocking out at some of the happenin’ festivals this Fair Isle has to offer.

Just because you’re moving to your own rhythm, doesn’t mean you can’t be on time to see your favourite bands. And being on time doesn’t have to be boring, not with these Swatch gems; it’s like we always say, no matter what your style, personality or gender, there’s a Swatch watch for each and every one of you.

festival-watches festival-watches

Now as well all know, rocking out at a festival in the UK can be rather messy, but that doesn’t mean your watch has to suffer, just take a look at these Baby-G beauties. These timepieces are fantastic festival watches simply because they are water resistant and shock resistant for when you’re rocking out with your arms.

festival-watches festival-watches

Colour is paramount at any festival because you’ll not want to blend in with the crowds – even if you are covered in mud! So to add some psychedelic colour for those wild festival nights, grab yourself some of these gems.

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And finally, even if you are left out in the rain, make sure your watch is SuperDry.

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