Designer must-haves

People with style and panache can be so hard to buy for. They’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in fashion and always have the latest everything, which makes buying Christmas gifts they’ll actually wear so exhausting. Firstly, you have to consider whether it’s the right colour, then whether it’s stylish yet functional, and finally, whether or not Kim Kardashian wore it and even then it can go either way!

Well panic no more, we want you to get it right this year, which is why we’ve put together a collection of watches that we think are perfect for those on the lookout for a fashionable watch your loved one will be mad about, plus a small section of blurb explaining why that brand or that style is particularly ‘in’ for this season.

Michael Kors

Words cannot describe how mad the fashion world is about Michael Kors right now. The luxurious creations reflect that of a jet setters style, filled with opulence and encrusted with just enough sparkle to catch the light from every angle. When you wear a Michael Kors watch, you can feel the high-end quality which takes you just that little bit closer to fashion heaven; it’s a definite winner for any fashion mogul.

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Voted fashion watch of the year 2015, the Swarovski Crystalline watch has already been given a firm stamp of approval from the fashion world, and with Miranda Kerr as the Swarovski poster girl, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate watch for the girls who love quality and refined design.

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Vivienne Westwood

Known for causing rather a stir in the fashion industry and in politics, Vivienne Westwood watches are there to demand attention. The distinct design and classic emblems of a brand inspired by the punk movement and the royals have been reflected in each design. If you’re loved one likes to push the boundaries in fashion then this is the brand for them.

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Henry London

New to the watch market, Henry London is the up and coming brand to take notice of. They’ve already won quartz movement of the year and been featured in numerous publications for their distinct 60s design and their bold use of colour. And, these watches are entirely unisex, so if you’re buying for a fashionable guy then look no further.

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Daniel Wellington

Now, for the boys we have Daniel Wellington watches, a brand synonymous to preppy style and casual refinery. These NATO strapped watches are very ‘in’ right now, mainly due to their colouring and distinct stripe.

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