Better starts now

‘Better starts now’ is the result of collaboration between CITIZEN watches and Wieden + Kennedy. This short film is a celebration of the innovation and history of the brand. It comes at a time when most watch advertisements express a certain air of idealism and not refined quality.

For most of us the name Wieden + Kennedy may seem unfamiliar, but their memorable collaboration with 3, the mobile network is one that will be celebrated in advertisement history for years to come. The fantastically quirky adverts that feature dancing ponies and power ballad pussy cats, were a colossal force on social networking sites, which just goes to show that W+K know how to grab the nation’s attention and why CITIZEN wanted them on board for their new promotional film.

This particular video showcases key points in time when CITIZEN watches innovation was most recognised. The video starts with their first pocket watch, they then move onto display the first shock resistant watch and the countries first water resistant timepiece. Each segment is quick and effective and moves on to the next watch after a superb display of expert typography expressing, ‘The End’. This expert film making shows CITIZEN in an informal light yet one that reaches out to their target market, the ‘citizens’ of the world.

The overall theme of the viewing is spoken at the end, ‘what if every ending is the start of something better?’ This represents CITIZEN watches whole philosophy perfectly, due to their constant persistence to push the boundaries on innovation, in order to bring you the very best in watch making intelligence.

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By James Tissiman