Baby-G takes a walk on the wild side

Casio have recently released a new range of Baby-G watches featuring chic, street-styled, leopard print designs in 3 fabulous new colours.

Baby-G watches are praised for their durability, water resistance, shock resistance and above all style. CASIO makes sure they put their prototypes through their paces before unleashing them out into the wild. We strongly suggest you take a look at the videos on the CASIO watches website, and see the immense pressure these watches can withstand. Each and every Baby-G watch is tested vigorously for water resistance, scratch resistance when dropped or hit with a hammer and extreme weather conditions such as ice. As you can see these watches are unrelenting to every test, they just keep on ticking!

A few years back CASIO released an old line of watches from 1991; this subsequently caused an instant impact on the fashion world. Their retro appeal grabbed the attention of all fashionista’s and retro lovers around the world causing a vintage overload. This ability to capture the zeitgeist is why so many of us love CASIO watches.

The new range of Baby-G watches are a natural progression of the current street style trend that is eminent on most autumn/ winter, 14/15 catwalks. Several designers such as; Celiné, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy and Chloé have all featured a contemporary twist on the classic leopard print.

At house of watches we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate to all of your needs. If you’re desperate to release your inner animal and embrace the current trend,  then we have a wide variety of animal print watches, all at various price points from great brands like; GUESS and Michael Kors, or if you are just amazed by the Baby-G's durability, precision and ability to withstand a modern and active lifestyle, then we have many designs for you to peruse.

So whoever you are, whatever your style, we have all of your needs right here, explore the collection today!


By James Tissiman