Armani Watches

The Armani empire has been a guiding force in the fashion world for decades, but 2014 marks the first time it enters the world of Swiss watch manufacturing.

At the 2014 Baselworld event in Switzerland, it was announced that the iconic Armani watches collection will be branching out by launching its first ever Swiss made timepieces.

Bringing the brand's renowned Italian flair to mechanical watchmaking, Giorgio Armani is entering new territory with his latest Emporio Armani watches collection.

The models were on display at Basel, where Armani occupied its own stand for the first time. The showcase drew attention to the distinct yet classic design and quality Swiss movements of the new Armani watches range, which is headed up by the 'Melting Gold' collection with its high precision movements and sophisticated elegance.

Inspired by 1930s and 1940s design, the new models represent a new direction for the fashion house's timepieces. Emporio Armani has long been lauded for its fashionable wristwear but the new venture into 'Swiss Made' is likely to broaden Armani's appeal in a discerning global market.

Armani watches manufacturer Fossil has already enjoyed great success in upgrading Burberry's timepiece range to a 'deluxe' line, so time will tell (no pun intended) if the development into Swiss watch craftsmanship will continue long into the brand's future.

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