The Hybrid Watch Revolution

Back in 2014, Digital Trends wrote a feature article criticising the design of smart watches:


‘here’s a sobering reality check if you were hoping for a subtle smartwatch: It’s not here yet.’


Smartwatch bulky


However, skip three years and we see a very different story.


The birth of the Hybrid Watch has marked a shift in the design of smartwatch technology. What was once a bulky, tech-heavy watch now looks like a conventional timepiece.


 Is there a compromise on technology?


Despite watchmakers such as Casio ensuring Smart features were secondary to time telling, Hybrid Watches still house all the useful technology associated with the original smartwatches.


  • Receive smartphone notifications
  • Fitness and wellbeing trackers for sleep, exercise and water consumption
  • Alarm
  • GPS
  • Music controls
  • And much more...


While technology features vary depending on the brand and collection, there is now no compromise over style or technology with the latest Hybrid wrist wear. It's a great timepiece for both smart technology and watch enthusiasts.


GuessEmporio armaniCasio


How does it work?


Hybrid watches connect to your Android or iOS phone via Bluetooth technology. A selection of buttons on the watch correspond to a particular function, which can be assigned by an app.


A perk of the Hybrid Watch is its long-lasting battery life, meaning it won't need to be charged on a regular basis.


The new leader of smart technology?


In 2015 Casio’s President, Kazuhiro Kashio, made a statement about the company's decision to create a smartwatch. Kashio believed that while the smartwatch may not “be an instant success” it had the potential “to grow in the long term."


With more and more big-name brands taking a chance on the Hybrid watch - Casio, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani and Guess to name a few - Hybrid watches might just be one to keep an eye on.


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